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Our history

Years pass but the passion for work remains the same

Everything started in 1952 when the Calesini’s brothers Enzo and Tino emigrated to Switzerland looking for a job because the situation in Romagna after the World War II wasn’t easy at all. They lived for almost a decade in Aarburg , working the steel for Franke, a famous industrial manufacturer.

One day the duo decided to have a trip in one of the big cities not too far from there and that moment changed everything: they saw a beautiful Hotel called Tivoli. It was a revelation for them, they immediately decided to build one from scratch with the same name, but in Italy. That’s exactly what happened. In 1963 the two brothers, with the help of their father, Mario, bought a land in Misano Brasile. They started working on it and the following year (1964), the Hotel Tivoli finally launched with a single floor and seven rooms. The first years were really though, so during the winter Enzo and Tino went back in Aarburg for saving more money for the Hotel.

Some years later, Enzo changed work so Tino started managing the business with the help of Anna, who was really amazing at cooking local recipes.
Fast-forward a little more and Massimiliano, the second son from Tino and Anna, started taking the command of the business in first person. Today the Hotel it’s 60 years old and counts more than 24 rooms. A lot of things changed, but Massimiliano, with the help of her wife, Michela, does his best for offering the most unique holiday experience here in Romagna, focusing on good food, fun and hospitality.

Here at Tivoli, we always call our guests with their real names, not by room number. If we are still here after all this years, it’s only because our guests keep coming back to enjoy the summer with us.

Michela, Massimiliano, Riccardo and Margherita